We Are...

Award Winning

Every single film we produced was accepted to a film festival, nominated or won an award.  Next up is Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar and....the sky is the limit!!!


Before diversity was a big thing, we had it going on, way back when.  And we will continue to cast / hire the best person no matter their race, gender, age or special need.

Female Driven

"Always be the girl with strong mind, a woman with self confidence and a lady with real class."  

We Are.....



Our shows are so original there is nothing like  them  on television.  You see all our shows have a very unique twist about them in addition they come from the mind of a life journey most people can not  even fathom. 

Outside The Box


There is always something new under the sun when we write a show.  From story lines, to characters to locations and music.  We strive to be different not normal.  To take the road less traveled and see the forest curve along the trees. 

Real Outside


We are known  to cast youngsters who do not fit a role so their self confidence. can be built-up.  We are known to cast family members together.  We rarely cast background  talent. as we prefer everyone speaks even if it is improvisational . 

Rise Up!