Welcome to Believe IN Media ~ Empower, Encourage, Inspire, Motivate

This Is Us


Story telling from the heart with a talent base of youngsters, mature adults, special needs and strong female leads.  We are Believe IN Media.


Our stories are based on real and sometimes hard to believe real trials, tribulations and triumphs with characters  who overcome.  We are Believe IN Media.


 See Project page for descriptions of our upcoming projects.  We look forward to speaking with you about possible collaboration.  We are Believe IN Media.


 ....I am Kacee  DeMasi (world traveler, show runner, writer, medical miracle, dog lover and the list could go on and on) I am having an adventure of a lifetime - location scouting across America writing scripts, meeting interesting people, eating delicious food and running into the occasional mama bear.   This could probably be a show of it's own as my rescue pup and I are having fun.     We are fueling our passion, being inspired by our intuition and doing the legwork to get our series'  produced and align with  production companies and studios.  We Believe IN ourselves! 

Know We Can


Stories with characters who focus on becoming stronger and more confident as they start to Believe IN themselves. 


Stories with stimulating characters who develop their abilities.  Lights, Camera, Action, Believe


Stories which instill the urge and thirst to pursue and follow dreams.  

Believe We Can


 Characters who are motivated to overcome their challenges with enthusiasm and help others do the same. 


Characters who are passionate about helping to change their little part of the world.  


Creating award winning projects which help people and animals live this thing called life.