The Holy Bible Kid Style

Here We Come

After casting more than one hundred actors, one thousand  hours of footage, over twenty different locations, dogs, pigs, horses, mules oh my,  The Holy Bible Kid Style's first season will premiere this year. 


The series will air two seasons per calendar year.  Our meet by meet is:   

Mister Rogers Neighborhood meets Ben Hur


We have listed 'The Holy Bible Kid Style' on internet movie database {a.k.a. imdb}  and registered the series with Writer's Guild of America {a.k.a. wga}  Drum Roll please... 


To protect our youngsters from various adult internet trolls, we will only make the series available to watch online.   (not to rent or download)

Our Journey

When you have so many people  and higher powers routing for you, you have to continue even in the face of numerous tragedies, deaths, illnesses & unforeseen circumstances. It is never about when you start but more importantly how you finish. 

Our Story


Sharing GOD Kid Style

The Holy Bible Kid Style is the last production of our company Sharing GOD Kid Style which became Believe IN Media last year.

Giving Back

Our upcoming series  was put on the heart of our creator, Kacee DeMasi who had a desire to mentor and teach youngsters about the film business by giving them a platform to perform and build their confidence.   We have lots of success stories.   Here are just a few ...

Success Story - Samuel

We first met Samuel in 2009 at our open call.  At first he was a bit shy, but loved to laugh and wanted to help anyway he could.  When filming we had to say rehearsal was up because he was somewhat scared when he thought we were filming for real.  But all his shyness has gone, as he and his siblings have been performing on the Santa Monica pier for the last few years as the Liliac  Family Band.    

Success Story - Dani

We first met Dani and his twin sister  in 2010 while filming in Yorba Linda.  Dani was very shy and did not speak for a good long while.  But everyone encouraged him, bonded with him, loved him and in his first film he became known as the 'One Take Wonder.'  He is now a seasoned film professional. 

Success Story - Sonari

We first met Sonari in 2009 when his mom bought him in for an audition.  He wanted to do it all, act, direct and write.  He had it all, with an amazing personality.  He used his talents to get a full scholarship and has started to produce  and direct.  

Success Story - Skylan

We first met Skylan in 2008 when his dad bought him to one of our open calls.  We could see he had pure natural talent, with a fantastic smile and dance moves beyond his years.    We knew he would go far if he kept studying and applying himself.  We witnessed him being baptized after Kacee shared the 'good news' with him and he accepted.  It was an amazing treat for us as they all are.