Something to Talk About

Anointed, Amazing, Awesome, Brave, Brilliant, Creative, Daring, Dedicated, Determined,  Different, Emotional,  Energetic, Exciting, Funny, Genuine, Genuis, Light-Hearted,  Oh Boy, OMG, Original, Outside the Box, Passionate, Professional,  Prolific, Talented, Versatile, Visionary,  Whole New World, Wow. 

Go Ahead Keep Talking....

Quote: Physical Comedy

"Kacee 's contagious smile coupled  with her  physical comedy skills had me laughing out loud. " - Keenen Ivory Wayans  {Producer/Director}

Quote: Tenacity & Determination

"Kacee has tenacity and determination, which will take her very far in this business." - Sam Christensen {Casting Director}

Quote: Talented Young Lady

"Kacee sees all the moving parts and comes prepared to show us something to laugh at over and over again.  A very talented young lady." - Christine Sheaks {Casting Director/Producer}

Quote: Incredibly Talented

"Kacee is a pleasure to work with. She always sees the big picture and is incredibly talented." - Tom Platz  {Actor, Bodybuilder} 

Quote: Great Eye

"Kacee has a unique style of directing and a great eye.  I thoroughly enjoyed her film." - Henry Winkler {Actor, Producer, Fonzie}

Quote: Knows Her Stuff

"Kacee knows her stuff, has a great eye and wonderful to work with." -  Tommy Lee Thomas  {Producer, Writer} 

....And Talking

Quote: Contagious Personality

"I thoroughly enjoyed sharing a  donut with Kacee.  She has an amazing contagious personality." - Alec  Baldwin  (Actor) 

Quote: New York

"It was a pleasure to be on set with Kacee.  She made my day with her smile and funny New York jokes."  - James Farentino (Actor) 

Quote: No Fluff

"It is a pleasure to work with someone who is respectful and has no fluff.  Kacee has a  unique directing style I wish more directors had.  I look forward to working with her again and again." - Joe Sabatino (Actor, Producer)

Quote: Truly Genuine

"It was nice to meet someone who is truly genuine in this industry.  Kacee understands this concept and was nice to see her every day on set." - Whitney Houston (Musician)

Quote: In a Heartbeat

"My son enjoyed his rehearsals and filming with Kacee.  She is one of the few who actually cares about people and building relationships.  We will work with her again in a heartbeat. "- Sherman Brooks (Father of Skylan Brooks (Actor)

Quote: Passionate Soul

"When you work with someone like Kacee, you see the world in a whole new way.  Her passion and energy plus her ability to understand and show empathy is what life is all about. " -  William Shatner (Actor)