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Hello Again

At the basis of all shows no matter the setting is relationships. A meet by meet is sometimes used when people pitch their projects, so I took the media the shows are loosely based on whether by stories, characters,  locations or relationships and listed them with our projects.  

Kacee DeMasi is the Creator and Writer of  these projects., unless otherwise noted.   I will update this page with more detailed it becomes available.  Thank You for your patience.  We are Believe IN Media.

Narrative & Reality Docu-Series (working titles)

1 H.O.R.S.E.

Great American Country meets Heartland   

Based on a True Story

(Reality Docu-Series)

Meet Richie Norton

The Holy Bible Kid Style

Rainbows & Rocketships

Pollyanna meets Dear White People

Based on a True Story

Turquoise Highway

Eat Pray Love meets Into The Wild 

(Reality Docu-Series)

Limited Event Series

Amazing True Stories

Amazing Stories meets Ripley's Believe it or Not.    9 Episodes

One Hundred

The Gospel of Thomas meets The Roman Empire

11 episodes

Secure Footing

Therapist Addict

Predator meets The Handmaid's Tale

  9 Episodes

Forward Air

Antwone Fisher meets The Young Pope   (based on a True Story) 

11 Episodes

Word Project

America's Secret Slang meets Scripps National Spelling Bee   9 Episodes

*Features & Remakes

Charlie's Angels

Remake of  the award winning 1970's  hit t.v. show with the same name.  With a twist of course. 


Remake of the 1983 award winning mini-series of the same name. 

The Final Countdown

Top Gun meets Stranger Things. 

Pigeons & Priests*

Spotlight meets The Facts of LIfe

Based on a True Story

The Teddy Bear Syndrome*

The Breakfast Club meets Greenpeace