Filming Location

Main Filming Location will be Pennsylvania.   The state offers 25 - 30% tax credit.  

Drama ~ Comedy

Kacee DeMasi is the Creator & Writer for this hour long series.  See more of Kacee here:

Production Status


The series has been registered with the Writer's Guild of America


A Change is Surely Coming

Right Time

MRN is the working title of  this multi-generational  upcoming series which is based on a real life story.

I surely can not reveal anything yet as it is a sworn secret and would ruin the surprise.  We do love surprises, lots of them the better. 

Look Book Pictures

Pictures of cast choices can be found  here on our PINTEREST PAGE 

Cast List

After researching actors over the last year, we have clear choices who we would like to cast in certain roles.    Our Cast List looks like a Family Tree.  Remembering Story is King and it all starts with Relationships. 

MRN Cast List pg. 1

Mr. Louis Gossett Jr.

Soon to be 85 year old Mr. Louis Gossett Jr.  will be playing  the grandfather of our antagonist.  It is a co-starring role.  His character will be introduced in the first season and is riddled with guilt who hopes for redemption from someone. 

Mr. Stephen Tompkinson

Looking forward to witnessing Stephen Tompkinson  emotionally spar as he will be playing the beloved  funny Uncle who happens to be harboring a deep darker than dark secret  and has some major human flaws. 

Ms. Cicely Tyson

Ms. Cicely Tyson was born in New York and is approaching 95 years old.    My introduction to Ms. Tyson came when I was just a teenager also born and raised in NY.  It was a thrill to see a portrait of an incredible strong woman which has shaped my world in it's own special way. 

Dame Joan Plowright

Dame Joan Plowright recently retired from acting due to macular degeneration diagnosis.  We will reach out to her agents as the role was written specifically for her.  She will play the mother in law of our favorite friendly uncle. 

A Change is Gonna Come

Originally written and recorded by Sam Cooke in February 1964.  Ending song for our Pilot episode sung by our female lead actor.  

Stand By You

Stand By You written by Rachel Platten in 2015.  One of our character's story lines in the first season will feature this song.