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Kacee's Directing Style


I research all my talent before hand unless I have worked with actors before.  I watch everything they have been cast in,  watch all their interviews, read all their news articles and look at their C.V. or resume.   Sometimes visit their social media to see how they act with their fans.  All this is important when casting characters because of the mere fact in some cases audiences sometimes can not separate characters from the real people.   

While watching them I am also looking to see if they have emotional connection with other actors .  I always look to see if they are able to emotionally spar with actors, when I find this, it is the cherry on top.   I am looking for special talented entertainers who when watching them you do not see them playing a character but rather you believe they are the character.  This is usually done with emotional sparring, I call it. 

I have been told and do believe it since I am trained thespian as well.  Acting is 90% reacting .  You have to be okay with looking someone in the face and making eye contact, your body language has to elude what you are feeling without an utterance.  You have to come prepared, early is better, and love rehearsals.  As a director I love rehearsing with talent and watching them break down the scenes and bring their characters to life.  I  usually let the actor do some improvisations and always hope they are able to show me something I have not seen before, this would also be cherry worthy.  The more time you take in rehearsals to bond with your scene partners and trust the director the better it will look in front of the camera.  

All of the actors I have worked with in my career thus far (over 1,000) they all pretty much had the same reaction to how I direct - They liked it, they never did it this way and it helped them become better.   I directed a trailer for a friend of mine a few years back, she sent it out to producers and she received the same reaction from the producers about my directing style.  "Outside the Box,  Unique, Original." 

This section used to be quotes from people in the industry.  I took it down as it is not about what positive things people in the past have said, but more importantly about what I  bring to the table  as a human being who happens to be an amazing writer, director, actor & producer who has experienced life in a way most people can not even fathom. 

In closing - "If you have a chance to make someone happy today, just do it without fear of what others may think"

Now something funny and interesting - since Netflix is paying directors an average of $50 million per project,  when they reach out to me they would pay me $1 billion since I have 20  award winning projects in various stages of development.  Cool Beans

Believe Always

  • Remember to always start the day by Believing in Yourself, elude Confidence so others Believe in You too.